About us

Our new name is inspired by the infinite number of times you can recycle a bottle or can in our deposit scheme. This means a lot to us, and to our environment.

Since 1999, we in Infinitum have been a leading foundation in depositing and recycling non-refillable plastic bottles and beverage cans. All bottles and cans with the characteristic Norwegian deposit-label are possible to deposit all over the country due to our national deposit scheme. Our sole purpose is not an economic profit, but to always increase the number of collected beverage containers our eco-friendly, cost-effective deposit scheme can handle. We are strongly motivated to contribute to a better environment, thus we have invested in new, highly effective and modern recycling facilities. This ensures a clean environment and a better future.

Comparison of recycling and incineration of aluminium cans
Comparison of recycling and incineration of plastic bottles
LCA of beverage container production, collection and treatment    systems
Rapport tilleggsanalyse, Norsus